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The Atlas has six sections to provide a clear overview of the services supporting single homeless people in London. Each section is explained below so you can find the right one for you. All sections allow export to PDF and CSV or the copying of your ‘bespoke view’ for sharing with colleagues.

The Methods and Data section is available to clarify technical details. If you have any queries regarding the data please contact us

London Map

View data on the levels of rough sleeping and the provision of different types of service across the city in map and bar chart form. This can be overlaid with dots showing approximate locations of accommodation services and day centres. Dots feature callouts showing additional service-level information.

Borough Focus   

Display detailed information for specific London boroughs, including a map with location dots for many services, a full list of services and key data about levels of rough sleeping in the borough. Use the dropdown menu to select the borough you are interested in.


Build a chart showing specific services split by borough or provider. Callouts provide service-level information.

Specialist Health Services Maps

Try this new area of the Atlas for 2020 to see information about specialist health services for people who are homeless.  

Greater London Authority (GLA) funded pan-London services

View information about the range of rough sleeping services funded by the Mayor’s Office across London. This infographic shows services, categorised by ‘immediate routes away from rough sleeping’ or ‘longer term accommodation solutions’, by provider and amount.

Table View   

See the information behind the maps and charts in a more condensed tabular format and export information to enable further manipulation.


London’s homelessness services are temporarily running significantly adapted services due to Covid-19 - these changes are not reflected in the Atlas data.