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Welcome to the Atlas of London’s Homelessness Services

The London Housing Foundation (LHF) has developed this interactive website to provide a clear overview of the services supporting single homeless people in London. ‘Single homeless people’ refers to homeless people who do not have dependent children. The data for the current Atlas was collected between July and November 2018 – see Methods and data for more information. The Atlas will be fully refreshed each year with updated information as well as new content.

The site is designed to be flexible to users’ needs, providing information on services tailored to the user’s requirements. It is intended for use by policy makers, researchers, commissioners, service providers, frontline staff and anyone interested in services for homeless people in London.

The Atlas is compiled and designed by Homeless Link, with the support of the organisations included in it who provide data on their services. The LHF would like to thank all those involved in the production of the Atlas.  

Before you use the Atlas, we recommend you browse the Methods and data, Glossary and How to pages. If you have any comments or ideas for future editions of the Atlas, or if you see information that you think is incorrect, please contact us

In addition, for headlines and highlights from the 2019 release of the Atlas, please see our 2019 Atlas insights